Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Summer 2015 Domework

The past summer's domework was a whirlwind of 
construction tasks and creative projects. 

There was simply no time to keep up with the blog posts, 
so in the "better late than never" category, I will be posting 
lots of images of what we accomplished during the next few 
weeks, as well as info on what to look forward to 
next Spring at The Pavilion.

From the North, looking down the valley.
 We needed more space in the interior for amenities, 
but did not want to infringe on the space of the dome itself. 

 From the NorthEast. 
Creating additions onto a geodesic dome is notoriously 
difficult. Since we did not want to 'interrupt' the shape 
of the dome, we thought it would be interesting to make 
a collision between the form of the dome, and the local 
architectural vernacular of the single-sloped tin roof 
rancher's shed.
From the NorthWest
We thought of the additions as an interesting collision 
between two very different kinds of buildings, like an 
illustration of two  worlds colliding, visually linking the form 
of The Pavilion to it's context in rural Heffley Creek.

From the South.

Following the scale of the dome's triangles (the widest edge 
being roughly 4'), we simply removed triangles to create 
passageways into the addition areas.
We created a 9'x18' rectangular addition to contain 
kitchen/bath, a 9' wide double sliding door over the deck 
with a sloped awning to protect from the hot summer sun, 
and a 4' x'4 mudroom to the North.

A thousand thank-you's to Vancouver-based architect 
Christian Kliegel for helping us with the sketchup models.

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