Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back to the Domestead, 2015 
Heading back to the Pavilion after another 9 months in Germany, we weren't sure what to expect: when we left, we had just completed the roof, installed the windows, and the last bits of wood siding had been installed after our departure, meaning we didn't even really know what it looked like as a whole.

 The entire exterior shell had been an experiment: the folded sheet steel application should have worked in theory, but how did it winter? And how did our non-conventional, unwarrantied triangular windows actually perform?

Fortunately, we discovered that the interior was bone-dry, and that both the roof and the windows performed beautifully!  
We were also very pleased with the look of the siding: seeing it all installed really brought a cohesiveness to the exterior. 
 This summer of dome-work was very jam-packed, as Kevin and I are developing some collaborative projects that I am excited to share, as well as more posts about the infrastructure work we completed this year, so now that we are back on the internet, stay tuned for more posts in the very near future! 

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