Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finishing the Concrete and Framing the Walls

We had lots more work to do getting ready for the final concrete 
pour. Here you can see our neighbor Hank helping us mark the deck 
footing so we could place the sono-tube in the right spot. 

He is marking on the concrete with a soapstone pencil. 
 I love this exercise in practical abstraction!

 Here's Kevin tamping down the soil with 'the wacker' inside
  the foundation, around the plumbing pipes. 

Lots of sweat equity went into this task.

The final load of concrete came.   
Sorry no pictures of this, as it was impossible to take photos 
and 'screed' or smooth the concrete at the same time. 
But here is a nice picture of a ladder resting firmly on the solid concrete floor. 

Next step was to frame the addition walls. 
We realized we needed help, and hired local carpenter Jeremy 
Hanrahan to make sure we got it done right. He did an excellent 
job with the unconventional joinery between the vertical walls 
and the faceted dome surface.
 Lucky us, we had the excavator on hand to help us raise the walls. 
What fun!

 Next step was to place the rafters for the roof.

Finally, the kitchen/ bathroom addition is built! 

More pictures to come of the entryway addition and the roof lines, 
hopefully with cladding in preparation for the winter...

This pretty much describes my 'feelings' at this stage....