Sunday, August 12, 2012

Creating the Footings

After much planning and preparation, we finally poured the footings for the dome additions and deck. 
Here you can see the super-cool surveying tool used to plot how deep to dig the hole for the concrete forms, loaned to us by local builder Paul Roberts.

 Our neighbor Hank arrives with the excavator and the skills to dig a near-perfect depth for the forms to sit in.

Kevin and I built the plywood forms to hold the concrete. Here you can see the forms for the deck footings, placed in their locations with the help of a floating twine grid. 
Very Land-Art, NE Thing Co., right?

The concrete truck arrived, and we filled the forms with cement with the assistance of Paul and another neighbor, Harry. We were just short of enough concrete to entirely fill the forms, so will have another session this week.