Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The New Paradigm:
Models, Diagrams, Proposals and Provisions

for the Coming Age

Featuring new work by artists Geoffrey Farmer, Devon Knowles, T&T, Ron Tran and Elizabeth Zvonar, The New Paradigm utilizes the context of The Pavilion as an oracle to present artworks that function as generative, reflexive tools that orient us towards our collective future.

The role of creative work, whether it be craft, assemblage, collage or collecting, is presented as a crucial element or extropy- the prediction that human intelligence and technology will enable life to expand in an orderly way throughout the universe. the playful approach to this journey that these artists have taken indicates an auspicious outcome.

Opening Celebration: March 3, 5-8 pm
Open Hours: Thurs, Fri, sat, 1-5 pm
March 4-27, 2010

Location: The Pavilion, front lawn of Langara College 100 W.49th ave
1 block east of 49th ave Skytrain

Also, The Pavilion would like to welcome Owl Alarm by Vancouver artist Kevin Schmidt. Owl Alarm replaces the shrill electronic beeping of conventional gallery and shop door alarms with the call of a spotted owl . Having migrated from Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Owl Alarm is now a permanent fixture in The Pavilion.

The Pavilion is a project by Holly Ward,
Langara College's Centre For Art in Public Spaces 2009-2010 Artist in Residence.

This collage was created using some great film images taken by Karianne Blank, using some very special filters.
Thanks Karianne!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Form + Energy: Experiments in Utopia
Last day today, Friday, 1-5pm

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Form + Energy: Experiments in Utopia
February 8-12, 1-5pm daily
Opening celebration: Wednesday, Feb 10, 3-5 pm

The Langara College Centre for Art in Public Spaces invites you to
Form + Energy: Experiments in Utopia,
featuring works by Langara College Fine Arts Students in the Advanced Sculpture 1 course. Students were asked to create sculptures in response the the work of visionary architect Buckminster Fuller and
The Pavilion as a site for experimentation and investigation.

Students featured in this exhibition include Carrie Allison, Sheena
Anderson, Jessica Atkinson, Megan Dietrich, Pauline Liang, Estrella Lucera De la Rosa, Markus Mayer, Kole Mayes, Will Morrison, Kate Neil, and Conrad Sly.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ideas and Integrities: A Utopian Library
Last three days!

There are only three days left of the Pavilion's on-site library.

Thursday, Feb 4 1-5PM
Friday, Feb 5 1-5PM

Saturday, Feb 6 1-5PM

If you haven't yet had the chance to come peruse our collection of utopian literature,
please come as you won't want to miss it!

The Pavilion
is located at Langara College, 100 West 49th Avenue between Main and Cambie streets, just two blocks east of the 49th avenue Canada Line skytrain stop