Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back to the Domework 2014!
Kevin and I are back to the Domework after an exciting year and a half in Berlin.

We started the whole endeavor with getting a kitten, and doing a smudge on the old Farmhouse, where we will stay until the Dome is ready...

Meet Laser Beam, a lean, mean mousing machine!

This is the year to get the building envelope complete, meaning the roof, windows and doors, so that the structure will be safe from the elements.

First, we needed to construct the South-facing awning, so that the roof can shed over this area, which also meant we had to lay the joists for the deck, a 22' hexagon with a view over the beautiful valley:

Next we got to work digging a deep trench for the water to the dome:

Next steps: getting triangular windows into the dome exterior, siding on the additions, and steel cladding on the dome itself.
We are super happy about how this is all shaping up, and so grateful to everyone who is working hard to make this happen. 
In particular: Jane Irwin and Ross Hill, and Christian Kliegel, who is lending his architectural expertise to the project.

More to come soon!

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