Monday, April 12, 2010

April is the last month of events at the Pavilion!
Please join us for our last opening:

April 14, 6-9 pm

Open. Uh. Open it. Uh. Uh.
by Kate Sansom
Possibly Possibly (Flag)
by Jen Weih
by Joshua Bartholomew
Open. Uh. Open it. Uh. Uh.
on view April 15-24,
Thurs, Fri, Sat, 1-5 pm

Possibly Possibly (Flag) & Statminlaxed
on view outside the Pavilion, April 14-April 30

Open. Uh. Open it. Uh. Uh.
is based on the Arecibo Message, a logographic
system beamed into
space by late astrochemist and foremost proprietor of
popular astronomy, Carl Sagan, and his
associates in 1974. The site functions
as a realm of interception, observation and interpretation
of one possible version
of our hedonistic future. Drawing, sculpture and video are used to convey

Sagan’s utopian project of creating a universally understood language.

Possibly Possibly (Flag) is the second in an ongoing series of flags that
are to be flown until they
are destroyed by the wind. The flag is marbled
using a traditional fabric dyeing technique that
produces unique monoprints,
and features a Necker cube, a drawing that shifts its perspectival
according to which element of the form the viewer focuses their attention.

Possibly Possibly (Flag)
is a permanent gift to The Pavilion.

re-creates Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Map, a map that
eliminates graphic
distortion and thus the representation of global influence,
out of black fabric which is
subsequently burned. Documentation of this burnt
flag is presented on a freestanding
interpretive panel outside of The Pavilion.
By re-organizing the word Dymaxion, (a word which
incorporates 'dynamic',
maximum, and 'tension' that Fuller used to designate a variety of
Staminlaxed (a word that Bartholomew relates to a combination of 'static',
and 'relaxed'), this new flag questions the possibility of global democracy.
By photographing this
burnt flag, the destabilized object then becomes re-
aestheticized and repurposed as display.

About The Pavilion
The Pavilion is a project by artist-in-residence Holly Ward. Symbolic of difference
and utopian
thinking, The Pavilion is a geodesic dome intended to serve as a
catalyst for speculative thinking
and artistic experimentation.
About the Centre for Art in Public Spaces
The Langara College Centre for Art in Public Spaces engages communities in the
production, and presentation of art in the public realm. The Centre encourages
dialogue, and
fosters opportunities to collaborate on, experience and learn about art in
public spaces.

The Pavilion is located at 100 west 49th ave,
just one block east of the 49th avenue Canada Line skytrain stop.

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